RK gets a girl home #Madhubala 21st August
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Radha is hurt with Madhu's behavior and she leaves for the farmhouse with Deepali. Madhu is tensed and worried as it is late evening and RK is not home yet. She is waiting and just then RK enters with a girl. Madhu is shocked to see this. RK takes the girl to the room and locks it. Madhu gets angry and she goes to the room and asks RK to open the door. When RK opens the door, Madhu throws the girl out of the house and warns RK not to do all this till such time that she is home. RK sees her possessiveness and realizes that there is someone who is making her do all this. RK tells this to Bittooji and he plans an outdoor shoot so that he can be away from Madhu and in the meanwhile Bittooji can keep an eye on Madhu. Bittoo is confused but agrees to obey RK.


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