RK feels humiliated #Madhubala 9th November
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  • November 11, 2013
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RK tells Bittoo to call the media in and let them see him shoot. Shoot starts, RK says his dialogue and tries hard to get up but  in the process of getting up he  falls flat on his face on the feet of a junior actor. All are shocked and Madhu has tears in eyes. Media starts  clicking his pictures while the others ask the media to go out. Madhu picks RK up, RK feels humiliated and embarrassed. Madhu takes RK to the vanity. RK asks her to leave him alone. Outside media is going crazy and writing RK off. They question Madhu if RK’s career has finished to which Madhu angrily answers that nobody can finish RK. Madhu returns to van and finds RK missing.  RK has left with Dipali in car. Bititoo calls Radha, Radha is shocked to know what happened and informs that RK hasn't returned home. That’s when he walks in with Dipali. Radha goes and apologizes for keeping the truth of his father and for  his state when Madhu comes in, embarrassed Radha leaves. Madhu is empathetic, sits quietly holding him. Next morning, Madhu picks up murthy's call on RK's phone and gets to know that the loan will be cancelled if shoot doesn't start in two days. Madhu is shocked and she tells Bittoo about the call from bank

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