RK falls in more trouble #Madhubala Saturday, 27th July, 2013
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RK loses his temper and hits Marathe really hard.. He fumes in anger and becomes highly aggressive. Things for Marathe become all the more easier as now he proves RK losing control in anger and hitting people for that matter killing people. He succeeds in proving RK wrong .

Judge orders to put him behind the bars and postpones the verdict two days later. Madhu breaks down and in rage humiliates Marathe. Marathe promises to take revenge for whatever she has done. Madhu has still not lost hopes and tells Bittooji to change the lawyer.

Madhu meets RK and apologises for bribing Marathe. RK is not angry but worried for her and doesn't want her to fall in any more trouble especially after Marathe talking ill about her character. Madhu leaves for home and on her way back her car breaks down.

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