RK does Radha’s shraadh #Madhubala 15th July
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In the beginning of the episode Madhu and Bittooji find RK drinking in the studio and she tries to assure him that she will always be with him. They manage to get him home and a Panditji comes asking about a puja. Bittooji tries to send him away but RK stops him and calls him in.

He asks the Panditji to do the rituals of a ‘shraadh’ and when he asks the name of the deceased, RK says Radha. Madhu screams at him for even doing such a thing and asks Panditji to leave. Radha goes in complete shock but RK insists on completing the puja. Madhu asks him to get a grip and while shouting, she faints.

Sultan thinks about Madhu and how she insulted him when he confessed his feelings to her. He hears footsteps and assumes it’s Madhu but turns out to be Dipali. She offers him to joins hands with her and Sultan shares his plans with her.

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