RK cuts his hand for Madhu #Madhubala Weekly Update 8th Apr -13th Apr
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The week began with Sultan asking Madhu to take care of Aryan if anything was to happen to him. Madhu hesitatingly says yes but also requests him to give a second chance to himself and live life fully. Watch their conversation in this video.
When RK reaches home, he finds Dipali in his room. He asks her why she keeps coming back to him and she reminds him how he does the same for Madhu. She then goes on to compare herself with RK and comments how both have been selfish in love and ditched their partners. Watch as Dipali makes RK feel guilty.
Aryan makes a call to Madhu and hands over the phone to Sultan. Both don’t know what to say and Aryan prompts Sultan to ask Madhu how to remove colour from face. Watch as how on Aryan’s mischief, Madhu and Sultan feel shy.
Next day Madhu reaches on sets and is ambushed by RK. He tries to express his feelings to her and reminds her of old memories. Madhu asks him to let her go but he forces her to dance with him. Watch as while dancing, RK and Madhu close in to kiss.
Sultan takes Aryan to the chawl to meet Madhu but finds her house locked. When he calls on her phone, RK answers and warns him to never call his Biwi again. This upsets Sultan and when Aryan asks for Madhu, Sultan tells him to forget her forever. Watch this sequence right here.
Madhu pushes RK away and tells him how she can only remember the bad times spent with him. RK gets furious on this and forces her to come with him. Madhu tries to resist but RK insists that he just wants to take home what is his and picks her up. Watch RK’s forceful proposal right here.
In a grand way, RK brings Madhu home and are welcomed by Dipali and Sikky. Madhu tries to run away but RK stops her and asks everyone around to rejoice as the bahu of the house has returned. Looking at the drama, Dipali fumes while Bittuji informs RK that media is asking if he really brought Madhu forcibly. Watch as RK gets Madhu home.
In the room, RK mentions how the fight between him and Madhu was nothing but a small tiff. Hearing this Madhu feels irritated and runs downstairs. RK tries to stop her from leaving but Madhu states that she feels bad that he’s so egoistic that he is still not regretting his mistake. RK then picks up a knife and asks Madhu to hurt him as much as he hurt her if that will prove his love. When Madhu is unable to do anything, RK takes the knife and cuts his hand and asks Madhu if she still loves him. Watch as RK’s crazy behaviour pushes Madhu to confess her feelings for RK.
Aryan apologises to Sultan for behaving stubborn and promises to never ask for Madhu. Sultan comforts him and both think how they will move on from this. Radhaji returns home and finds Madhu home. She assumes that RK realised his mistake and apologised but on hearing Madhu’s account, she is left speechless. Watch this sequence right here.
Radhaji gives Madhu the option to leave but RK threatens that he will slit his wrist if she goes away. Madhu goes to RK’s room and finds her green dupatta in his cupboard. RK tells her how her dupatta makes him feel closer to her and once again asks if she loves only him. Madhu replies in affirmative and says to love anyone else she needs to be alive but RK has left her dead. Watch their intense conversation in this video.
RK tries to make Madhu eat but she refuses. Looking at this, RK calls Radhaji and asks her to make Madhu eat. Radhaji pleads her to eat a bit and finally Madhu relents. Watch as Madhu is kept in RK mansion against her will.
While RK watches Madhu eat, lights go off and Madhu feels scared. RK immediately lights a candle and at the same time Sultan is also shown sitting in dark while Aryan rushes to be with him. Sultan remembers how Madhu had once told him that it’s okay to be scared. In the mansion, RK and Madhu look at each other and RK asks her to dress his wounds. While Madhu ties the dupatta, both reminisce of old times and she ends up crying. Watch as RK and Madhu share an emotional moment.
For how long will Madhu stay in the mansion and bear RK’s antics? And will Sultan and Aryan forget Madhu forever? Keep watching this space for more updates!


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