RK couldn’t find the perfect heroine #Madhubala 16th September
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  • September 16, 2013
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Mehul and RK were very much frustrated as they weren’t able to find the perfect heroine for RK’s upcoming project. While they thought it is a tough road ahead they see Dipali, who came for auditions and performed on the sensuous track ‘yeh mera deewanapan hai’. Mehul gets upset with this whole thing and informs RK that it’s a little difficult for him to trust his capabilities, having seen his decision making power. Since Sikki is stuck with Deepali, he lied to Radha that Pabbos train is late, and she wouldn’t reach until next morning. But contrary to this Pabbo reaches RK mansion. The guard unknowing about the fact that Pabbo will be coming takes her for a fan and doesn’t allow her to go in. While Pabbo was quizzing between the guard and what options she has now, she bumped into Deepali. Deepali insults Pabbo for being a stalker, a silly fan who is trying to get inside RK mansion to meet her favorite superstar. Seeing this chaos outside, the guard then calls up Madhu and informs her about the whole thing.

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