RK burns his father’s chair #Madhubala 12th July, 2013
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Sultan is humiliating RK, and everyone is shocked to hear him talk in this tone. RK rushes out in anger with the chair and Madhu runs behind him. Radha loses on Deepali and slaps her. Deepali very smartly puts the blame on Radha who is now very guilty and blames herself for whatever is happening. 

RK is at a lake burning his father's chair. He loses his control and pours the alcohol and tries burning himself. Madhu makes him understand and assures him that she will always be with him. Madhu gets RK in the room and tries consoling him while RK asks Madhu to leave as he wanted to stay alone for a while. 

Madhu is worried but now she knows what she has to do. She meets Sultan and asks him to stop all this. Sultan expresses his hatred for RK. Madhu doesn't know how to react. Sultan claims that RK has snatched everything from him since his childhood. He loses control on whatever he is saying and confesses in front of Madhu that it includes her as well. 

Madhu is shocked as she always considered Sultan a good friend and nothing beyond it. Sultan feels he shouldn't have said that to Madhu.


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