RK breaks down #Madhubala 1st october
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  • October 1, 2013
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Simmi gets rashes on her face because of eating the chocolates and every body freaks out.Everyone in the press is eagerly waiting to see the heroine.Roma tells Bittoo about Simmi's rashes and Bittooji immediately tells RK. RK is shocked and he locks himself in a room.Bittooji calls up Madhu and she leaves to meet rk forgetting about everything else. On the way she bumps into Guruji and he feels a connection as if he knows her.Pabboo welcomes Guruji and tells him that she was Madhu. Everyone at the press conference is waiting for heroine and RK is missing.Mehul has no answers to their questions.Madhu reaches the make up room tells RK to open the door.RK opens the door and She saw the entire room is messed up.Madhu tries to calm him down. RK tells madhu that everything is over and asks madhu if she will become the heroine.Mehul tells madhu to do it for RK's happiness.Madhu is left confused.

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