RK and Madhu’s last day together #Madhubala Tuesday, 6th August, 2013
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Radha again puts her efforts to make things normal with RK .. But he again yells on Radha and this time she loses her temper and tells him that no one can change the fact that she's his mother not even him , even if he wants to… RK leaves in rage, Madhu feels bad for Radha. She tries consoling her but Radha insists her to be with RK.. Madhu reaches the set where RK is doing a romantic scene .. She gets flashes of the happy days that they have spent together .. Suddenly Madhu hears Sultan's voice and gets scared… Sultan again tells her to be quick in her decision.

RK is surprised to see her there but he is still frowning. She makes him eat halwa and they share a few happy moments. Madhu tells RK that she wants to spend most of the time with him as she knows its her last day with RK…They talk about their future kids and family. She tells him her wish was to go to a place where cold breeze would brush her face and Where his fans will run behind him. RK decides to fulfill all her desires right away.. So she closes her eyes and RK gives her a surprise.

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