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The media rushes towards RK when he leaves the court. Madhu is running behind him thats when she sees Sultan there. Sultan takes her to a corner and clutches her mouth so that she is not able to call for help. Madhu gets scared and shocked when  one of sultan's guy hits RK with a car injuring RK's shoulder.  She reaches home and sees RK's bruise and calls  for a first aid box thats when Deepali enters and puts an oinment on RK's injury. Madhu gets irritated and questions Deepali's intentions. RK comes and tells madhu that she doesn't have to get worried about him and that she should be free of the burden and he smudges her sindhoor and pulls her mangalsutra. Madhu is hurt, the world has turned upside down for her but she holds back her tears. RK leaves and Madhu starts crying picking up the beads  when radha comes and helps her pick them up. She says nothing to Madhu but sees that she is hurt. Radha leaves and Madhu looks at her broken mangalsutra and sobs.

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