RK and Madhu reminisce old days #Madhubala, Friday, 9th August, 2013
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In the middle of the party, Madhu gets a glimpse of Sultan. He comes and tells her to be away from RK as he can't tolerate them being together even for a minute. He tries getting close to Madhu but she snaps at him saying that only RK has the right to be with her. Even after all this he would never be able to make a place in her heart. She will always love RK and if he wants to change that he will have to kill her. 

Sultan gets annoyed and tells her that he will kill RK. Madhu pleads and asks for one last night with him. RK comes searching for Madhu. Just before he enters, sultan hides in a corner. RK enters and assumes that Madhu is there admiring the moon. She tells RK that she wants to go home. Sultan observes them from a corner and fumes in anger. 

RK looks at the moon and thinks about the times they have spent together. Madhu again starts crying looking at him but RK gets irritated and tells her to leve the bad memories behind. Madhu hugs him tight and tells him to hold her like this forever.

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