RK and Madhu come closer! (Madhubala Weekly Review- 12th-16th November)
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The week started off with Madhu discovering the gun that Shamsher had used to shoot RK and breaking down on finding it. Deepali recorded the whole footage and showed it to the whole family, convincing them of Madhu's involvement in the attack on RK. On the other hand, Madhu confronted Shamsher with the gun when he got bangles for her and demanded to know why he tried to kill her husband. Padmini heard this and was shocked. Padmini also realized that the reason behind his recent weird behaviour was his guilt. She was berating him for his crime and just then, they heard the sound of a police siren, and then Dipali's voice rudely calling Shamsher's name and announcing to the whole chawl that they were criminals and killers.


Dipali wanted Madhu to be arrested with Shamsher as she suspected her to be part of the plan.She kept 

insulting Madhu and calling her the mastermind of the plan which her father executed. Shamsher could not bear this any more and begged her to stop accusing Madhu. Madhu and Padmini stayed in the police station with Shamsher for the whole night. Dipali happily told RK that Madhu was with her killer father  in the police station and would never come back home. In the police station, Trishna came rushing in and tearfully told the police that her father wasn't a killer but the inspector rudely told her that they have solid evidence against him and she couldn't help him. It was then that RK entered and announced that he could change the situation!


RK reminded the inspector that he had asked him to close the case. When the inspector revealed that some one from the family asked them to open it, RK ordered him to close the case as he would not be able to prove anything. Shamsher was released and apologized to Madhu but she retorted that a daughter could understand and forgive him, but not a wife. When Madhu reached home, Dipali had packed her bag and asked her to leave as there was no place for her in RK mansion as she could try to hurt RK again. Radha asked her if she knew about the locket and when she said yes, Radha was convinced that Madhu was a threat for RK. Dipali insulted her 'chaar pheron ki shaadi' and asked her to get out.


Just as Dipali pushed Madhu out, she was caught by RK. RK asked her to go upstairs and threatened the Bhatia family that the next time they did something like this, they would be thrown out. Upstairs, Madhu tried to convince RK that she was innocent but he silenced her and said that he trusted her. A happy Madhu spontaneously hugged RK and RK wiped her tears! Dipali poisoned Radha's mind that Madhu staying is dangerous for RK so Radha tried talking to RK about it. RK insulted Radha by saying that he was silent about her mistake (of marrying Kukkuji) for 14 years so she sould be silent about his wife for the next 14 years.


Madhu reassured Padmini on call that RK trusted her, and after the call, Padmini packed her bags to leave Shamsher's house. Trishna tried to stop her, saying that 1 mistake couldn't be bigger than what he had done for them, but failed. In RK mansion, Bittuji told RK that he too, was doubtful about Madhu. RK rudely said that he trusted Madhu,and also asked him never to say anything against him. In the kitchen, Radha banned Madhu from cooking as she could poison him and asked Dipali to take care of RK. But on the lunch table, even after Radha's warning, RK ate Madhu's food from her own hands. He announced that it reminded him of his mother, causing Radha to break down.

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