Risky business in Bigg Boss house
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  • December 20, 2013
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This week’s luxury budget task in itself was quite tricky. Bigg Boss paired up contestants in two and instructed the pairs to live each others lives. So each time one partner broke a rule the other partner would have to bear the consequences. While the task caused many fights among all the housemates, shopping of this luxury budget is going to bring them as close as possible!
In order to buy the required items each housemate has to pick up things from their mouth and pass it to the other making it a chain. While this sounds simple but here comes the twist. The passing has to be done from Mouth to Mouth! Risqué!

So each time a pack of oats is passed or even a single biscuit, it has to be passed from one mouth to another. Out of all the tasks we are sure this is the one all are going to enjoy the most, especially Ajaz.

But will the housemates take this all in fun or will this be a cause of another uproar in the house? Watch out tomorrow’s episode to know more!


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