Rising Star Connecting India!
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  • February 23, 2017
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Rising star has been one-of-a kind show on Indian television that has been successfully using technology to bring India closer on a single stage.


1. Contestants connecting with their friends and family
Every contestant connected with their friends and family LIVE just minutes before their performance to seek encouragement, love and blessings. They could actually feel their dear ones’ presence due to this innovative practice.


2. Power packed performances from every corner of India

A versatile group of performers graced the stage last weekend, each outperforming the other. Notable amongst them were Dipsikha Bhuyan, the truly Indian rock band Humsufi, Hyderabadi boy G. Ritesh, and brave-heart soldier Vikram Jeet singh who came all the way from the border.


3. Live voting

Rising Star proves that India has gone innovatively digital while the audience can vote LIVE while the contestants are performing! The impact of their votes can also be seen LIVE when the wall lifts up for the deserving contestants, paving the way for them to the next level.

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