Rising Star 2: Different states. Same love for music.
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  • January 30, 2018
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This episode of Rising Star 2 started with a cute performance by our host Ravi Dubey and 60-year-old Sindhu Tai.





After waiting for more than 2 weeks, Sindhu Tai was all set to take the stage, she was showed a glimpse of all the support pouring in for her from everywhere in India.





She managed to raise the wall by receiving 89% votes for her super energetic and entertaining performance. 


Next up were the talented brothers Shehnaz & Sahil Akhter, who aspire to be among the few Bollywood singing duos.


They also received a lot of love and support from their home state Ludhiana on a live video call with their family and last year’s Rising Star winner, Bannet Dosanjh.





The Akhter brothers managed to raise the wall with their powerful performance and secured 93% votes.





Shasank Sekhar, the next contestant received a sweet surprise when his wife and daughter joined him onstage before his performance. Our expert Diljit Dosanjh even offered Shasank’s family his seat and swipe green for him.








Later in the episode, a group called the Harmony Children’s Chorus stunned everyone by singing in perfect sync and raising the wall by 93% votes.





However, glam queen Sakshi Ratti from Punjab failed to raise the wall and just secured 66% votes.





The show ended with the brilliant performance by music teacher Sagar Mhatre who teaches music to poor kids for free. 





He attempts one of our expert, Shankar Mahadevan’s composition ‘Dil Ki Tapish’ and raises the wall with a total of 94% votes.


This episode saw contestants and groups from different states like Maharashtra, Punjab, Assam and many more but with the same passion for music.



Stay tuned for more entertaining performances next week Sat-Sun 9 PM.

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