Rishi Saves Tanuja on ‘Kasam’
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Previously on the show, Purab was unsuccessful in his attempt to murder Tanuja. He decided to finish the job himself and kill Tanuja for good at the hospital. Back in the hospital, Tanuja tried to remember the identity of the person who stabbed her but she could only get vague glimpses. Rishi thanked Ahaana for donating her blood to save Tanuja’s life. Rishi told Manpreet and Ahaana to go home and he decided to stay back as he was still concerned for Tanuja’s safety.

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While Rishi was outside, Purab entered the ICU and tried to strangle Tanuja but with some resistance, Tanuja was able to overcome him. Rishi came back and broke down the door after finding it locked. Purab managed to escape and Rishi failed to identify him.

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In the Bedi house, Rano got furious at the Bedi family members for not telling her that Tanuja got stabbed in the party. To calm Rano down, Manpreet told her that Rishi was doing exactly what she asked him to do. He told Rano that Rishi is making Tanuja fall in love with her by staying in the hospital and taking care of her. Manpreet fooled Rano into believing that Rishi was only pretending to love and care for Tanuja.

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Later, Rishi and Tanuja shared an adorable moment when Tanuja asked him to stay with her and Rishi stated that he is madly in love with her. In the coming episodes, we will see more such adorable moments between Tanuja and Rishi. Tanuja also desperately tries to find out who is the Bedi family member betraying them. Tanuja gets shocked when she tries to follow an unsuspecting family member who meets Purab & Malaika. Will the person’s identity be finally revealed?

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