Rishi and Abhishek try to win Tanuja by all means on Kasam!
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On one hand where Abhishek prepares to open up in front of Tanuja with his real feelings, Rishi wants his love back in his life by hook or by crook.





This week on Kasam in the series of events we will see how Rishi rescues Abhishek’s aunt and cousin from the goons at the same time hurting himself during the struggle. This act moves Abhishek’s aunt and cousin and they bring him to Abhishek’s house. Abhishek stunned by looking at Rishi doesn’t say a word. In the meanwhile the aunt asks Tanuja to put medicine on Rishi’s wound. Tanuja feels the pain to see Rishi in such a state.





Rishi tactfully says that his family is out of town hence aunt asks him to stay back with them, however Abhishek feels uncomfortable. He even says that Rishi is pretending to be sick to which Tanuja disagrees.





Also be ready to witness a sweet moment between Rishi and Tanuja wherein Rishi’s mouth burns after having chillies and he refuses to take honey from Tanuja. But when Tanuja herself eats chillies and then offers honey to Rishi, he takes it.





Rishi will be seen getting close to Abhishek’s aunt, and at one occasion she would ask him why is he single, to which Rishi would respond saying because the person whom he loves doesn’t love him back.





Rohit also warns Abhishek that since Rishi is in the house he might be able to win back Tanuja, Abhishek shrugs off listening to this.





But what’s going to eventually happen as per the current track?



Keep watching Kasam, Mon-Fri at 6 PM to know!

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