Rimjhim is shocked to see Vasu! Na Bole Tum-2 Recap 31st July- 6th August
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After letting go of Guddu, Mohan stopped Megha from leaving and bandaged her injured arm. Unable to take the shock, Megha fainted in Vasu’s arms, and instead of letting her be, Vasu picked Megha up and took her to her room. (Watch Vasu’s surprising behaviour towards Megha)

Jyotibha was very happy to see Vasu in their house, but he was oblivious to all her hospitality, paying attention only to Megha. Megha panicked when she thought Vasu might bump into Rimjhim, but was relieved when she found out that Vasu and Rimjhim had narrowly missed seeing each other. (Watch the scene here)

Baala teased Vasu about being distracted by Megha and not shooting Guddu for her, which irked Vasu and he pulled a gun on Baala to shut him up. (Watch the scene here)

On the other hand, Megha decided to leave the chawl and spoke of her decision to Rimjhim. 

Vasu was irritated by everyone hinting at his affection towards Megha, and confronted Megha in front of everyone, telling her that she meant nothing to him. But Megha turned the game on him, and asserted that she was not affected by him. (Watch Megha’s confrontation with Vasu here)

Ruku was very happy to see Megha packing to leave, and offered to help her in order to hurry up her departure. But she was intrigued when she saw Megha making a call in the night. On the other hand, Guddu’s sister-in-law tipped off the police about Vasu’s consignment which lead to his smuggled items being seized. (Watch as Vasu’s conversation is interrupted)

Vasu was talking to Aai about Megha when he got a call about the seizure, and was livid when he was told that a woman was behind all of this. When Vasu left, Ruku expressed her suspicion about Megha.

Megha saw Mohan’s sketch by Rimjhim and tried to make it look like Vasu, but in the end decided that her Mohan was not back, and wept for her loss. But this moment was ruined when Ruku came to take Megha as Aai had summoned her. When Megha refused to accompany her, some goons came in and dragged her out of the house. They also seized her sketch and tore it to pieces, which shattered Megha. When she saw Vasu, she couldn’t control herself and slapped him in public, shocking everyone! (Click here to watch the scene)

Mohan clutched Megha by her hair but let her go without saying anything, which Ruku didn’t like. Megha rushed to Rimjhim and pacified her as she was traumatized by the goons’ behaviour. Ruku’s father told Megha that Aai had sent the goons and not Vasu, and that she had slapped Vasu out of a misunderstanding. 

On the other hand, Aai was furious about her son being slapped in front of the whole chawl, and after confirming that Megha had a daughter, vowed to avenge Vasu’s slap. (Watch Aai’s anger here)

But Vasu asked Aai to let go of the issue, and also defended Megha saying that she had not tipped off the police. While this discussion was on, Megha came to Aai and apologized for slapping Vasu. When Aai refused to budge, Megha also apologized to Vasu, asking them to put an end to the issue and not involve her daughter. (Watch as Megha apologizes to Vasu)

To everyone’s surprise, Aai forgave Megha, but in return asked her to bring Rimjhim to her, to make matters even. Megha was shocked at this demand and refused to give in to Aai, which angered her no end. (Watch as Megha stands up to Aai)

When Megha raised her voice in front of Aai, Vasu intervened and dragged Megha out of the house and warned her to leave the chawl. Just as Megha was leaving, she saw Rimjhim, who was overjoyed on seeing Vasu, and called him ‘Paapu’. 

Megha tried to stop Rimjhim, but she went ahead and hugged a stunned Vasu, and spoke to him like he was Mohan. (Watch as an emotional Rimjhim hugs Vasu)

But Rimjhim was shocked as Vasu pushed her away, and Megha had to tell Rimjhim that the man wasn’t Mohan, but his look alike. While Megha was making Rimjhim realize that Mohan was gone, Ruku was confronting Vasu about his taking care of Megha, and alleged that he was in love with Megha.

With Megha deciding to leave the chawl, will this be the end of Megha and Vasu’s story? Or is there something else in store for them? 

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