Rift between RK and Madhu #Madhubala 13th November
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  • November 13, 2013
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Dipali tells RK that this in Madhu’s destiny to be a bigger star than him otherwise the series of incidents happened wouldn’t have happened; there is God up there who is writing it. Madhu returns home, she feels bad when RK says that he has been waiting for the soup she promised to make for him. Madhu while changing talks about the day at shoot, which further annoys RK is disinterested in listening. RK goes to Dpalii and says that he knows that she is doing all this on purpose for creating a rift between him and Madhu as he is home and she is working. Madhu s surprised to see RK down. RK looses his cool on her and says that he s always taken time out for others but never made it look like a favor. Madhu asks him to at least have soup and in anger RK refuses to have it Paabo seeing all this smiles. Next morning Paaboo purposely asks Madhu that why she was sleeping on sofa last night and here dipali cooks her own story and teases RK Madhu. Bittuji comes rushing and gives the news that they found distributors for the film and RK gets angry on Bittu saying how Mehulji can show footage of his film without his permission.

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