Revenge of the Fallen, Synopsis, Episode 9
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An eye for an eye would make the whole world blind, but Pritam’s team didn’t believe in revenge or did they? As the second day dawned for the team task ‘Hijack’, Pritam’s team was prepared to inflict the necessary pain to win the task. But not everyone in the team shared the same sentiments. Puneet Issar and Praneet Bhatt refused to use any torture techniques on the opposition team. After the drama that unfolded on the previous day, Gautam continued to suffer from mistreatment at the hands of all passengers for another day following, and it didn’t seem to end. 

As Bigg Boss announced the start of the second round of the task, Karishma refused to participate in the same until Gautam was either disqualified or received punishment for his misbehavior.  After plenty of consolation and assurances from the rest of the passengers, Karishma agreed to get onto the seat along with the rest of them for their turn to bear the inflicted pain. The task started in good spirts, as Soni and Sukirti shaved the hands and legs of Aarya and waxed Upen’s thighs, while Natasa concentrated all her efforts on Karishma. But nothing could break the resolve of Karishma, Minisha, Diandra, Sushant, Aarya and Upen. Gautam succeeded a little in bringing tears to Sushant’s eyes by applying pain relief balm all over his face and came close to making him leave his seat. In spite of all their efforts, Pritam’s team could not keep up with the endeavor to force Deepshika’s team from their seats.

At the end of the day, Bigg Boss announced Deepshika’s team victorious in this task, and told them to pack their baggage and prepare to shift to the Bigg Boss house the following morning. But that was not all. Bigg Boss punished Gautam for his misbehavior by revoking his rights to nominate any passenger in this week’s nomination procedure. 

Will the loss sit well with Pritam’s team? Would the passengers ever forgive Gautam or would they nominate him to be the next passenger to leave the show?

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