Renne wants to change her image through the show!
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Being her very first day in the show, Renne seemed to be very clear in mind about how is she would proceed ahead. She entered with her homework already done about the ongoings in the house. This reflects in the confidence she carries, interesting no! What I heard her repeatedly telling people is that she has come here to shed her ‘Tomboy’ image. She said, people should not only think that she is rough ‘n’ tough and bad- mouthed but she said“Main bhi ek ladki hun, mujhe bhi ladkiyon jaise rehna pasand hai, ladkiyon waale kapde pehenna pasand hai”. Oh now we understand Renne what you meant when you said that you are also one of those girls whom a guy can take home to show his mother (wink wink) 


I am yet to know if she has her eyes set on any one of those dudes in the house. But But! Getting back to the original topic, after showing her softer side she reminded everyone that she is one of those girls for whom people should give enough thought before taking any sort of panga! She said “Main buri tab banti hun jab koi mujhe bully kare”. Arre logon zarra bacch ke!! Going back and commenting  about her ‘Bratty image’ Renne also said that she was suspended from her college because she was caught boozing inside the premises! Wow! Just 1 day old and so many stories??I wonder what else we get to know gradually!


Over ‘n’ Out


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