Renee realizes she is a girl, sheds tears!
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  • November 11, 2014
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So, after the big fight with Dimpy, Renee realized that she had already shown her real persona intentionally or unintentionally in front of the people, also that she overreacted a bit more. Thank god Renee you realized that! So, she tried doing a little damage control. She went upto Upen to gain a little sympathy saying “Maine toh kuch bhi aissa nahi bola, log actually kya bolte hain agar main wo bolun toh television pe blast ho jaayega” in context to Dimpy. Oh Renee you trying to take away my job?? Khabri ka kaam toh mera hai! *Khi Khi Khi* Saying all these she started sobbing and the wisest man of the house Upen gave his shoulders happily to his lady fan. 

A little while later Karishma, who was already irritated for the stupid reason Renee gave to nominate her walked upto her saying her reason wasn’t valid and that it was just a joke and she did not mean it at all. Well Karishma, whatever the reason may be,the fact remains you are nominated for the week. Now just hope and pray to receive maximum votes by people to save yourself!


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