Renee is tired of reaching out to Sonali!
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  • November 25, 2014
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  • 3:25 pm

Today, after a lot of build up and simmering anger against Sonali, Renee finally decided to confront her by saying that though Sonali feels she always thinks and does right but that's not what others think about her. Renee mentioned how Sonali gave her cold shoulders everytime she went ahead to break the ice. Renee advised Sonali that she should give at least one chance to the other person to prove if he or she can be good to Sonali or to know if they can actually make their friendship work. But since Sonali has the stereotypical attitude, it goes against her most of the time. Renee mentioned the repeated attempts she made to approach her but how Sonali never paid any heed.


Sonali shrugged this too off, saying she wasn’t there to make bonds or create long lasting relationships but to play game remaining herself and cordial with everyone.She said she gets that hint with whom to talk and whom not to talk to. I guess Renne got her answer. 


Will this turn into a cat fight? Wait and watch! 


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