Renee already quoted as a Firecracker!
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  • November 7, 2014
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Through the action packed entry of Renee, she in the house has incited much envy from other ladies, who had somewhere believed that it’s now only those three who were going to rule it further.

It didn’t take the trio – Di, Karish and Sonali to catch one corner and start gossiping about that new girl in the house.I felt they were indirectly discussing,what could they all come up with to knock her down! *LOL* In fact, they did her naam karan by calling her ‘A Firecracker’ relating her to her performance in the earlier show. Karishma, without any hesitation shrugged off her shoulders stating she isn’t interested to make anymore friends for this season at least, as she had some bad experiences. 


Realizing all three of them were getting actually bitchy about someone whom they don’t know Diandra said “We shouldn’t judge someone so quickly”, Thank God Di’ you got the wisdom! In fact she gave an example of second season’s contestant Sambhavna who had formed an image,wasn’t actually that bad with her while they both shared a room during another reality show as she had been projected. 


On the other hand, I heard Renee telling “Main Dilli ki hun,billi banne mein zyada time nahi lagega” Oh my my! Looks like she is going to add a lot of tadka.


Time to watch some Fire Works in the Big Boss House!



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