Relationship woes take centre stage in the house: Ankita-Vicky, Neil-Aishwarya, and Abhishek-Isha encounter love’s challenges
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The house is reeling from a major upheaval brought by the first nomination drill of the season. Its cascading effect seems to have soured the relationship between husband and wife, Vicky Jain and Ankita Lokhande along with Neil Bhatt and Aishwarya Sharma. There’s trouble in paradise for Ankita Lokhande, who thinks her husband Vicky Jain is taking their relationship lightly. She’s upset that her husband is not living up to the promise of being with her and facing the challenges of the season together. Disheartened and lonely, Ankita realizes that she doesn’t have the support from her husband she thought she had earlier. Will the power couple join their forces and put their hearts into the game together? Meanwhile, memories of his past relationships with Abhishek and Isha flood Abhishek’s mind, leaving him nostalgic and longing for those bygone days.

Another love story is experiencing a hiccup. Neil Bhatt and Aishwarya Sharma seem confused and distracted from the game to the master of the house, who recommends therapy to the husband and wife. The couple heads for a ‘Date’ to the room of roses and a few revelations come to the fore. Neil gathers that the other contestants want to separate him from Aishwarya to get ahead in the game by turning them against each other. Aishwarya, who’s dealing with mood swings is clueless about what they should do to outsmart the contestants. Will ‘BIGG BOSS’ be their love guru and point them in the right direction as promised?

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