Relations turn sour over sweet-making task?
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  • October 21, 2014
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Wow! Hopefully this week is going to be sweet enough with only sweetness spilling around !. Yumm Yumm!  I have a sweet tooth too! This week the luxury budget task would require housemates to make Diwali ki mithaaiyan! We will see the members being divided into two teams ‘Gautam Mithaai wala’ and ‘Diandra Sweets’ with former and latter entities being the respective captains of the two teams and Ali being the task captain judging which team makes good sweets, quality and presentation wise. Pretty sugary task ,what say? But the most exciting bit will be to see which team makes a better dessert! Sounds simple right? But as per my latest information things aren’t going as nice and sweet as they look like.


Apparently both the teams were ready to pounce on the ingredients being sent by Bigg Boss to make the sweets which came inside on a conveyor belt. However things went out of control when the teams started snatching and throwing cutleries and given ingredients on their sides, as the task also mentioned the same can be collected as much as the team wants. My eyebrows raised watching them behave like they’re in some fish market! Being too uncivilzed, eh?

Following that a heated argument flared between Puneet from Diandra’s team and opposite team members. Quite possible that the weekly tasks are being used as modem to bring out the personal khunnass! Which team is actually justified?? Will only be revealed tonight! 


LOC in the house finally!!





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