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January month in Uttaran had some very interesting moments. Some of them closed certain unclosed chapters and some of them opened new ones. Meethi getting back on her feet,  Ambika’s wicked plans to harm Akash and Meethi, Yuvaan creating trouble in Mukta and Vishnu’s paradise, Ambika instigating Meethi against Mayya and Rathore finding out the truth about his lost daughter were the major points which  made the story progress in this month.

Meethi back on her feet

Meethi came out of her paralyzed state and got back on her feet. This happens in Shimla where Akash, Meethi, Sankrant and Ambika have gone for their honeymoon. Ambika plans to kill Akash by disabling brakes of his jeep. Akash speeds up the jeep to realize that he doesn’t have brakes. Simultaneously Ambika messages Meethi from Akash’s phone, which she manages to get her hands on, calling her out of the hotel. Ambika wants both Akash and Meethi dead. Akash rolls off a cliff after hitting his jeep to a rock but manages to hang on. Meethi also reaches the spot and seeing Akash in trouble gets up from the wheel chair and saves Akash. He is ecstatic to see Meethi on her feet and Ambika is upset that her plan fails.






Amika wants to kill Akash and Meethi

Ambika kept trying throughout the honeymoon period to harm Akash and Meethi. In fact she plans to continue to do so in future as well, as she wants to take revenge from both of them. While they were in Simla Ambika kept a real snake in Meethi’s basket to kill her. Akash came and saved Meethi in the nick of time urging Ambika to keep on trying to harm both of them.




Trouble in Vishnu and Mukta’s relationship

Simultaneously, Yuvaan(Mukta’s boss) starts creating problems in Vishnu and Mukta’s life. Yuvaan is actually Yuvi, Ichcha's son who was prosecuted on the statement given by Ichcha for molesting Mukta. Yuvi underwent a cosmetic surgery and is back as Yuvaan to seek revenge. Yuvaan gifts Mukta an expensive dress which creates tension between Vishnu and Mukta. Though later Mukta assures Vishnu that their love is over and above everything for her. Yuvaan’s intentions are revealed and its clearly seen that he has big plans in his mind  and will keep trying to get Mukta. Vishnu, on the other hand, has become more vulnerable as he has lost his job and Yuvaan’s special treatment towards Mukta is making him more insecure. Yuvaan is all ready to separate them but will he be able to do it? 




Ambika Instigating Meethi

Ambika’s all plans fails in Simla so she decides to instigate Meethi against Akash's Maiyya. She convinces Meethi that whatever happened to them in Simla was because of her mother-in-law. Meethi is stunned to hear that. Mayya gets to know about Ambika’s intentions and she confronts her but Ambika refuses to bow down and she challenges her that she will make her life hell. Tension builds up between Meethi and Mayya. Akash intervenes and warns Maiyya not to hurt or harm Meethi in anyway. Maiyya is shocked and tries explaining to Meethi and Akash but they refuse to believe her. This also tells us that it’s going to be an interesting battle between Maiyya and Ambika which is going to start very soon and it will interesting to see how Meethi finds out the truth.




Rathore finds out the past

Rathore is able to track down his past about Malvika(his alleged wife). He visits the hospital where years back Malvika was admitted to for her delivery. After collecting proofs from that place he comes to know that Ambika is actually his real daughter. Rathore gets emotional and he confesses this to Jogi Thakur. Rathore decides to tell Ambika the truth but he stops because an inspector Chowbey has a proof that Rathore killed Ambika’s wife. Rathore fears that Ambika will hate him if she comes to know about the truth and hence refrains from telling the truth to Ambika. that is the reason he doesn’t tell her about it





Uttaran from here will just get more dramatic as it will be interesting to see how Meethi finds out the truth about Ambika, how Mukta and Vishnu are able to save their relationship and kick out Yuvaan from their life and how Rathore will confess the truth about being the father of Ambika. 


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