Recap for January: Rangrasiya
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Colors’ is known to present stories with a twist. The aim is always to foray into genres which are untapped and fresh. Following on such motto is the channel’s new show Rangrasiya. Produced by Nautanki Films, the show focuses on the love story of Rudra and Paro amidst violence. Based on the outskirts of Rajasthan, the show is a saga of love, hatred, violence, betrayal and patriotism. The series launched on 30th December, 2013 and created quite a stir among fandom.
The lead characters of Rudra and Paro, played by Ashish Sharma and Sanaya Irani respectively, are introduced beautifully in the first few episodes. The story begins in the quintessential landscape of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan wherein we first see the main protagonist Paro chasing her butterfly pet-cum-friend Rukmini and meeting with a stranger. It is actually a dream sequence or rather a recurring nightmare which leaves Paro troubled each night. Asked about their experience in shooting in a scenic place like Jaisalmer, Sanaya told us, “We shot in huge deserts with no mode of transportation around to go from one place to another. All we had were these camels and every time we would make use of it to go to the vanity van. I got blisters on my foot and wearing such heavy lehengas in full sun was hectic. But overall I would say it was an experience of a lifetime and now post release it all seems worth it.”


The stranger in the nightmare is a BSD officer and we come to know that Paro hates them for various reasons. Top reason being that it was the BSD officer who killed her parents in a shootout. We see a flashback to Paro’s childhood story and get a glimpse to the painful scenario that changed her perspective towards life.

On the other hand, Rudra is a BSD officer who too faced some troubled times in his childhood. When his back story is revealed we see how his mother left him when he was just a child and he grew up with the lesson that beautiful women are not to be trusted. A glimpse in his flash back shows that Rudra is a temperamental person who loses his wit quite easily. Both the stories explain the nature of the lead characters giving a good insight into the story. 
Later plots unveil other characters such Bindi, Paro’s friend and Thakur Tejawat and his wife Mala who are the owners of the Big Haveli in Birpur. The whole village looks up to Thakur Tejawat as he gets unmarried women settled across borders and conducts one marriage every week .The twist is that no one knows that via such communal marriages, Tejawat is actually running a scam and smuggling guns from across the border. It is for this very reason Rudra is posted in Birpur, a village he had left behind due to painful memories of childhood.

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In a ceremony to select who would be the next bride-to-be Paro’s name comes up and Thakuraiyan Mala who treats her as her own daughter, makes all the arrangements. Tejawat once again makes an arms deal to be held in Paro’s wedding and uses his middlemen Kesari Ram to transfer money. But unfortunately Paro gets stuck in between and is caught by Kesari Ram’s men. Rudra reaches in time to save her and in a complete macho style saves the damsel in distress. 

Action sequences are one of the highlights of this show and Ashish Sharma plays his part perfectly. When he was interviewed by about how he prepared for such tough action scenes he shared, “Action has always been my favorite and you can say my forte. I feel like a kid when I play such scenes and I go out there with full enthusiasm and fulfill all my childhood fantasies.” There are many scenes that are power-packed with slick action and the end result has come out looking fantastic and very Dabangg-esque.
Continuing with the story, Rudra manages to save Paro but is unable to nab the kidnappers. He then along with his team plans to catch Tejawat red-handed and gatecrashes Paro’s wedding. On one side we see Rudra plotting to get hold of Kesari Ram and on the other hand Bindi accidentally sees the smuggling happening in one of the rooms of the haveli. She immediately rushes off to inform Tejawat but since she has no idea he is involved in it, he slyly pushes her off in the river and feeds her to a crocodile. 

The wedding ceremony continues without any hassle and Rudra catches hold of Kesari Ram and takes him to jail to get a confession out of him. But rather than going against Tejawat, Kesari kills himself putting Rudra and team in jeopardy. Pardo weds Varun peacefully and leaves from Birpur in a doli. Even though Rudra has no proof against Tejawat he solely on his gut instincts sabotages Paro’s vidaai and finally gets his hand on the smuggled guns. In the raid Rudra kills all smugglers including Paro’s husband Varun. Paro sees him killing her husband and blames him for all the mess. He himself gets injured severely but manages to take Paro with him to the jail as a witness.

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Rudra insists Paro to testify against Tejawat but she refuses outright. She believes her Thakur is innocent and blames Rudra for false accusations. He then takes her back to her village and asks Paro’s aunt to put some sense in her. Here comes the show’s biggest twist as Paro’s family and the whole of the village including Tejawat refuse to acknowledge her. Paro is shocked with the betrayal but still keeps mum about it. Rudra is astonished too and takes her back to the jail. As both try to recover from physical and mental injuries Rudra and Paro are admitted to the hospital and kept under care. But there too Tejawat plots to kill Paro, so she isn’t able to testify against him. While the doctor is about to inject poison in Paro, Rudra once again saves her life. He then decides to keep her in a safe place and plans to take her home.

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This is where Rudra’s extended family is introduced. Rudra’s uncle Danveer is a lieutenant in his army who took care of him in childhood. His aunt Mohini hates him and his father Dilsher. Reason being they own the family property and it was her sister who is Rudra’s mother and who ran away with someone else. Her two sons Samrat and Sumer also don’t like Rudra but while Samrat isn’t so vocal about it, Sumer leaves no chance to get into a fistfight. Rudra gets Paro to his uncle’s home but keeps her locked in a room not letting anyone know she’s present in the house.  While Rudra’s interference ensues lot of fights in the haveli, he plans yet another plot to make Paro confess to Tejawat’s crimes. He frees her giving her a chance to go back to her village but follows her when she leaves. But to Rudra’s surprise, Paro understands his plan and returns to the haveli. 



Will Paro find a way to escape from Rudra? And what will happen when Mohini comes to know about Paro’s presence in the haveli? Keep watching this space for latest updates on your favorite stars!

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