Recap for January: Madhubala
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RK-Madhu’s love story has seen many obstacles. But through everything they have stood tall and faced it together and gone against destiny and fate to be one. In last month too, we saw RK and Madhu go through testing times and this time the problem came in the name of KRK.
A look-alike of RK, KRK fooled one and all with his perfect impersonation of the Superstar. He walked, talked, behaved and even insulted like RK making everyone believe in him. Even Madhu, who knows RK better than he knows himself, got fooled by this impostor. It all began with KRK making his entry in RK’s studio. He pretended to be RK and people on sets believed him to be one. He even went to the extent of entering RK mansion without a single person recognising him and was able to swipe off Rs.50 lacs from RK’s bank account. Later when RK comes to know about all this, he challenges KRK to come in front of him. 

From here on the story takes an interesting twist and begins RK v/s KRK. KRK challenges to enter RK mansion and the other waits for his move. While RK tries hard to get his hands on the impostor, KRK easily manages to escape from the clutches and continues to tease and irritate RK. Finally Madhu steps in and makes a plan to catch the fraud and gets her name tattooed on RK’s hand. Eventually RK and KRK come face to face with KRK pretending to be RK. Madhu with the help of the tattoo identifies the real RK and sends the fraud to jail.



To play a double role is every actor’s dream but it’s easier said than done. Vivian D’Sena, who plays the magnum-opus roles of RK and KRK shared his thoughts on his characters. “Initially it took me time to juggle between the two roles. One moment I was being all suave and RK-ish and the next scene I had to be this village bumpkin. But I am happy that I got this chance to play a double role and hopefully my fans love it too.”



The plot also revealed KRK’s back story explaining how he turned into KRK. He used to be a simple village boy and one day was made aware of his striking resemblance to Superstar RK. He was then spotted by RK-Madhu’s old enemy Bhujang who on meeting KRK immediately formulated a plan to destroy RK-Madhu’s happiness.  After being trained by Bhujang himself, KRK became a carbon copy of RK and was set out on a mission, with the promise of being paid loads and loads of money.


Going back to the story, Bhujang helps KRK get out of jail and makes yet another big plan. In RK’s birthday party Bhujang manages to switch KRK in RK’s place and kidnaps the latter. So while KRK stays with Madhu, RK is sent to jail on the pretext that he is KRK. He tries hard to prove himself as the Superstar but sadly no one believes in him.  While Madhu has inkling that something is amiss but she is unable to figure out who is her real husband.
In yet another major twist it is revealed that RK’s step-father Kukkuji too is involved with Bhujang and they both decide to get RK killed. On hearing such vicious decisions, KRK develops cold feet and wonders if he should confess it all to Madhu. Luckily before he can say anything, Madhu overhears his conversation with Bhujang and decides to save RK’s life.



She confronts KRK and since he had already begun regretting taking up Bhujang’s job tells Madhu everything he knows. According to Bhujang and Kukkuji’s plan, RK is taken to a secluded area but before he could be killed Madhu reaches there with the help of KRK. And together they manage to save RK’s life and send Bhujang and Kukkuji to jail. KRK apologises to RK for all the grief caused and seeing that KRK didn’t cause any physical harm to Madhu or his family, RK forgives him. Madhu too provides him with some money and advises KRK to begin afresh in life.



This show’s one of the biggest USP is RK-Madhu’s chemistry and something that was very well played throughout January. There are many sequences which highlight the telepathic connections between RK-Madhu showing how connected they’re to each other. Also Vivian’s part of KRK was highly enjoyable and kudos to him for pulling it off with such ease. As the story moves on to another interesting plot this February, get ready to watch your favourite stars deliver another hit. 
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