Reality hits RK and Madhu. Weekly Update – 11th Feb to 17th Feb
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The week began with RK explaining his master plan to Madhu in complete details. He shared how he always waited to hurt Madhu at the right time but she being a strong headed woman didn’t take his insults to heart and this aggravated his hatred towards her. But when he was shot and he saw Madhu crying for him, RK decided to play the card of love and made Madhu fall in love with him only to back out at the last moment. Watch as RK reveals his plan to Madhu step-by-step.

RK then took Madhu back to the chawl and asked Padmini and neighbors to take her back as he’s done with his revenge. Madhu stands shocked and while Padmini tries to understand the situation, she follows RK to his mansion and in front of his family questions his motive to hurt Madhu. Everyone is shocked to hear of RK’s devious plan and while Radhaji cries and Deepali smirks, Padmini curses RK that he would never be happy. Watch this entire sequence right here.

Padmini and Trishna try to make Madhu cry but she remains shell-shocked and only removes her mangalsutra and keeps it safe in the cupboard. Deepali goes to congratulate RK on his master plan but is insulted by him and thrown out of his room. Madhu goes through all her moments with RK and in a flash she realizes that he’s gone away from her and looking at his poster outside the chawl, cries her heart out. Padmini and Trishna rush to help her but Madhu is heartbroken and keeps crying RK’s name. At that moment, RK feels Madhu’s voice and wakes up from his sleep. Watch as realization dawns on Madhu.

When RK wakes up disturbed, he finds his mother sitting in his room. She questions him as to why he broke Madhu’s trust and to tell if he never truly loved her. RK denies loving RK and asks his mother to leave. Next morning, RK wakes up and immediately asks for his Biwi Madhu and then realizes that she’s gone. Radhaji sees this from outside the window but keeps mum. RK then shouts on the servant for making terrible tea and Radhaji promptly reminds him of how only Madhu knew how to make tea for him. Watch as Radhaji tries to make RK realize Madhu’s absence and he vehemently denies.

Madhu decides to move on in life and resumes her work in the beauty parlor. Deepali comes there as a client and makes Madhu do her pedicure. She keeps taunting her about her failed marriage with RK and how she is now been shown her standards. Watch as Madhu deals with Deepali’s attitude. There Bittuji resigns from the job and blames RK for running his Bhabhiji’s life. RK then slaps him and asks Sikky to throw him out of the house. Watch this sequence right here.
Deepali tips the media about Madhu and they reach the parlor to take bytes from the latter. Madhu explains her relationship status with RK and leaves immediately. Bittuji reaches Madhu’s house and she requests him to resume work as RK needs him. When Radhaji comes to know about Madhu’s request she and Bittuji plan to bring the two back.

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