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Chintan Raj Pattnaik– Hii..madhuri mam thnx fr this opportunity its really a dream come true. Non of us hav ever expectd this.Mam i just luv ur dance ur smile expressns actng.U r a super talentd lady for me an anjel..mam i want to b a vry successfl dancer nd choreographer so just want to knw what is the secret behind a gr8 dancer n choreographer ?? Mam every show nd every stage is incomplete without ur performnce.God has created u in ths world only to dance mam..for dancers lyk us u r our idol n god..many more to say bt no words, u r beautiful,u r superb.WISH U A VERY HEALTHY , WEALTHY N SUCCSSFUL LIFE AHEAD..KEEP DANCING N ROCK THE FLOOR EVERYTIME U COME..we 'll b waitng..i want to meet u once and hope u'll give us ths opportunity u mam:-):-)

Madhuri – I think the secret is you have to love what you do. And the other thing is you have to know your art. When you’re choreographing, you have to know the song, the meaning and then choreograph accordingly. Love for the art is the main thing.


Sreesa Sreedharan – Very pleased to have got this opportunity because i had been always waiting for one!!!.hello madhuri ji!! We all know that no one can beat your dancing skills.Being an indian classical dancer and above all a very passionate dancer, i was just curious to know how did u learn and execute the western style of dancing despite being an indian classical dancer?nall the very best for your future endeavours. love you a loooooooootttt

Madhuri-  I’ve learnt Kathak, flamenco and tap dancing are a lot of Kathak. Not the acrobatics but the style. So once you know the style it becomes easier and that helped me a lot to pick up the different styles, be it Western or Dance. I know the modalities so I can pick it up.


Shaunak Das-Hello Madhuriji, nI am a big fan of yours. I have a small question. Do you love cricket? If yes who is your favorite player? If not then which game you like most ? nThanks,nDr. Shaunak DasnSerampore, WB, INDIA

Madhuri- I don’t follow cricket as arduously as other people so, or I’m not very passionate about it. But I have two favourite players- One is Sunil Gavaskar and the other is Sachin Tendulkar.


Athena86– Hi Madhuri Ji .. we all know u r the undisputed dancing queen of Bollywood .. I love all of your dances .. they are amazing .. want to know which one your personal dance performance among them .. Ek do teen, Key Key sara sara, maar dala, humko ajkal hai or any other .. plzz tell .. nnSAYANEE

Madhuri-  It’s a very difficult question. Every style is different, whether it is Maar daala or Que Sera Sera, they’re very different from each other but are very close to my heart. I have worked very hard for all of them. When I was doing Que Sera Sera it was complete abandon, when I’m doing Maar Daala, there were a lot of expressions. So most of them are close to my heart.



Diksha Singh –Hii…my name is diksha…I'm frm delhi…I just love ur dancng skills…u r d bst in d wrld….my ques is who is the bst female dancer in jdj.

Madhuri -Aaah! It’very early in the game to say. We have a lot of talented dancers this time but its very early to say anything. Right now they’re performing in their comfort zone so I want them to do different styles. Just wait.


Zyrah Alvi– Hey Im Zyrah & Im 13 And I Wanted to Know Who Was The Most Funniest Person Who've Worked With ?

Madhuri – Anupan Kher comes to mind. We did a film called Khel and it was complete mad comedy. Johny Lever can crack you up in a scene. Mehmood Bhaijaan, I used to like his comic timing. Lot of funny people around and its great to work with them.


Bhaskar Bhaumik-Could you please share some news about Dedh Ishqya? Dying to watch your next movie.n- Bhaskar

Madhuri- My next movie is Gulab Gang. Dedh Ishqiya we have a few days of shooting left, the post production will start but Gulab Gang is ready so that will be the first release.




Madhuri -There have been many who have sung for me and their voices have looked good on me. There’s Sunidhi Chauhan, there is Lata Bai. I was so thrilled when she sang for me for the first time in Ram Lakhan and even Ashaji. In the choreography we try to do justice to the song. Rekha Bharadwaj has sang for me recently in Ghagra and for Dedh Ishqiya so that’s a new voice for me.


Rathna Mala- Will u Direct any movie which is based on dance? Waiting to see u as a good Director

Madhuri– Direction is a little far away. I would love to direct some day. I want to learn the finer nuances of direction but right now I’m happy doing what I’m doing. 


Ssachinn Aagarwall–  Which film was the toughest so far?? and how was your expirence with working the rising or risen star Ranbir Kapoor?

Madhuri -It was wonderful to work with Ranbir because he is a a tremendous actor and he dances with a lot of vigour and grace. He brings a lot of expressions and I wish him all the best. Toughest movie for me was Pukar because for the first time I had negative shades in my role. It was about how you get carried away with your emotions and you might make a wrong decision and how it can change your life and may be destroy someone’s life. So that was a tough movie.


Shumalika Majumder-  Mam, your website mobile app is just fab, features are wonderful! Can we have an I-phone or an android app for the DancewithMadhuri site as well?

Madhuri-Yes we are planning that, that’s in the planning stage. We are working on a few kinks, but there is still a little time for it. You will surely see it.


Tash Kiddo –  DO we get to see you do western dance forms like salsa, tap jazz ramba.. wud b great to see u attempt diff genre of dances too 🙂 on JHALAK

Madhuri -I don’t know if I can actually do a very pure dance, not because I don’t want to, but because it’s a show for the celebrities that come on our show and the duration is 1 hour and if I started dancing all the time it will be a little difficult but we will attempt something where you will see me do different dance forms.


Tash Kiddo- Who is one actress from present wud u do a jugalbandi if given a chance? and why?

Madhuri- One jugalbandi I have done in Dola Re Dola in Devdas. We’ll have to wait and watch what the situation and the film is. So wait and watch.


Rupz Rupali Gupta– You have done an item song in YJHD !! Do u think item songs are necessary for a film ? If yes then why ?

Madhuri –I won’t call it an item number. It was Ranbir’s introduction and it’s interesting because he meets this woman who he callenges and there is a lot of masti and it brings out his character as well. There is a lot of interaction between us and chhed chhad and naughtiness, which made it very interesting.


Zat x-  1 more MD… What's the most flattering thing someone has said to u?

Madhuri-There are so many compliments that I get from my fans everyday, it’s amazing. But once I was on set and there was no light in one part of the set. There was Mr. Bachchan who said ‘Can I send Madhuri to stand there?’ and that was a very sweet compliment and I thank him for that.


Saturday 4 this… Love u! : my question is: would u ever consider playing a negative role? Also if u had the chance to work with 1 actor or actress who u haven't worked with… Who would it be? Plz do a film with srk.! Can't wait to c u on screen! Ur the best judge on Jhalak and I only watch the show Cos of u

Madhuri – I have played sort of a negative role, but I haven’t played a mean character. I would love to work with Priyanka Chopra or Rani Mukherji


Amel-  hello madhuri ji im Amel from Algeria a very big fan of yours, well want to ask you how do you find the interraction with your fans especialy on twitter and do you recognize some of us!! well i hope that i'll be one of them loll , from a proud madhuri fan

Madhuri –Ya, lot of fans who write who tweet more with them. I have interacted with them, I wish them birthdays, I see what they write about their own lives and it’s very interesting. So yes, I do recognize them.


Zat Madaboutmads- I hope u answer my question madhuri ji… I'm especially going to wake up at 6.45am uk time to catch u online live… Excited! Question is… In all your hectic shecdule hve u had time to read a book or watch a film at the cinema? If so can u tell us the name of the latest book an the latest film u have seen? nLove u always and forever nnZat

Madhuri-  The last movie I watched was Star Trek- Into the Darkness because my kids are sci-fi fanatics. The latest book that I read was by an Indian author which had 3 short stories and it was very interesting. 


Priyamadhuri- Hi darling Madhuri, Im sure you know me by I'm Priya I'm a huge fan of yours. How does it feel when fans who loved you from the start of your career still love you the same or even more today after so many years? Love Aapki Priya D Thanki from London.xx

Madhuri -I feel very fortunate and blessed and I thank God every day for the fans because they have seen me grow just like I see the Jhalak contestants grow. Their love is unconditional and it brings a sense of responsibility for me because I have to stand up to the expectations. Thank you for loving me so much and continue do so.


Ashok Madhav Chopra: Madhuri ji have you ever thought that after coming back to India the response would be this amazing and postive? Were there any doubts in the choice of shifting? YOU should really come to Canada

Madhuri -I’m blessed and there’s someone up there watching over me. I shot for a movie called Mohabbat in Canada and I’ve seen the Niagara Falls and it’s beautiful and I would love to come again.


Ashok Madhav Chopra: Do you think the youngsters Sonali and Sumanth have a standing chance against the other competitors?

Madhuri -If only you’ve seen them in IGT! They’re like a whirlwind, the way they dance, they’re so graceful, they’re fearless and they love what they do. They look very tiney but the talent they have is very big so they will give tough competition to all of them.


Abida Sultana Khanom: What are your favorite things to with your family?

Madhuri–  There are a lot of things that we do. We love to travel, we take holidays, we go places. My kids love skiing so they go skiing. I chill with them, watch a movie with them, talk to them. Anything I do with them is very exciting because I love to see the way they think, how they’re growing up. It’s lovely to spend time with them and they make me who I am.


Anil Ghugre–  hi sweet madhuri…nI m huge fan of ur…..i m very happy .ur come back in big screen….my q. Is which would u like young actor ranbir or hrithik for date

Madhuri –Both of them are so good. Hrithik is another person I like to see dancing, when he dancing, it’s like poetry. He’s also very hardworking and he loves to do what he does. So I think I’ll take both of them and exchange notes on how they think and how they perform.


Meenal Oswal: Hw do you manage too many thngs together lyk spending tym wd ur children , gvin tym to ur family…. visitin award functns…. judging jhalak… nd ya lst bt not d least findin tym fr urself???? Hw u manage all dis???

Madhuri- I think it’s time management and organization. When we make our schedules, we make sure to have enough time for family. If you have your priorities right, then everything falls into place.


Natasha Snehafan: Iam your big big big fan and having fun learning dance from u at Thanks mam for opening the site…. I just want to ask what is the secret of your glorius beauty…. Is dance makes u so beautiful…. U r the amazing dancer and actress may u reach more & more heights….

Madhuri -Beauty is nothing that I have done; I have inherited it from my parents. You have to be yourself, be happy. Look after yourself, take care of your health. Do what you love. Everything else is external, I think it should come from within.



SK Munnu: You r one of the best dancer in bollywood,why u r nt dng films,pls again do the films and rock the world.ur acting,ur performance,ur voice,ur expresions eerything mindblowing.n-

Madhuri-  I’m doing Gulab Gang and Dedh Ishqiya. I hope you look forward to them and like them.



Brijesh Patel: I really really really loved Ghagra from YJHD…..!!! Do you plan to do a film after you wrap up with Jhalak Dikhla Ja….??

Madhuri- Like I said, I’m doing Gulab Gang and Dedh Ishqiya. So there will be promotions, and I’m still shooting for Dedh Ishqiya and now there’s Jhalak and my website, so I’m pretty busy.


Dhananjay~#~Thakur: why dont u execute dance competation contest programme for common people like boogie woogie

Madhuri -Jhalak and my website is already doing that together. On the Jhalak site, we are going to show 7 steps 7 days of the week. You can learn them, picturize them and upload it on the site. We’ll watch it and if you’re really good, there will be rewards or you could be part of the show, and even get a chance to dance with me!


Natalya Mangat: How do you manage to remember each and every step that you've learnt in movies or shows…?n

Madhuri -I think it’s muscle memory, so if I have learnt the steps and done it before, I remember them. But there are some songs that I don’t remember, but its just muscle memory.



Madhuri – It’s like saying who’s your favourite child. Whatever movies I’ve done, they have been a good experience and I have learnt a lot from my directors, my choreographers, everyone around me. But 1 movie 



Jitendra Dulera: hows ur experienced to as judge in jdj

Madhuri–  Its been a lovely journey, its been a lovely experience. I have Karan on one side and Remo on the other. We have a great camaraderie, it’s always great to watch the journey of the celebs who come on the show. Some of them know how to dance and they’re fabulous from the first episode, and some of them don’t know how to dance but by the end of it they surprise us with one dance form after another.I love to see that. I love being on the sets.


Punit Rai: loved ur dance in the song “GHAGRA” how was your experience in doing dance with Ranbeer Kapoor?

Madhuri– It was lovely dancing with him. He’s a good actor, he has lot of energy and expressions. So it was fun doing all the steps with him.


angad singh: Which contestant do u think mam who is compatable for the JDJ 6 trophy or title?nKARANVIR , LAUREN , DHRASHTI , SONALI&SUMANTH.

Madhuri – I think it’s very early in the game to say. Sometimes till the mid, we cant predict  and sometimes we can predict who will be in the finals, but there’s still time, we’ve just begun.


CAswati Singh: Firstly i wan to congratulate you for being different and introducing an online dance school, my ques for you is rate these according to your preferences and pls gv reasons – DANCE, FAMILY, FILMS, FANS, VACATION…

Madhuri– Family always comes first. They are the ones who make you. My parents have given me art, values, they have taught me so many things. There is my art that comes next. Vacations are something great to build up a family, the things that you do together bring you closer because you’re having fun together. Of course films, because that’s what made me. Fans are always a big big part of your life. They’re the ones who love you unconditionally. 


Nitesh R Shahani: Have just read that Jhalak would have the contestants dance at outdoor locations too this time!That sounds interesting!:) All the best with this season..It wud surely be rocking as always!:)

Madhuri-  It’s going to be exciting because we are going to take the celebrities from the confines of a set and take them outdoors. It’s very different than dancing in a controlled atmosphere. They’ll have to work with the elements so it’ll be very exciting and interesting. 


Natacha Duniya: Madhuriji,nyou are a great artist and you have already shown it.Your online dance school is one of most beautiful way of teaching dance and sharing your love for it.Have you any other project to promote indian arts and culture abroad and do you plan to collaborate with foreign teams?n

Madhuri- That is one thing we’re looking to do. Foreign teams will bring a different style, a different bar altogether. There will be a lot of gurus coming to teach on the site, people who are well-known in their field. So lots of exciting things coming up. A lot of people have uploaded their videos and I feel very proud to watch them. SO it gives credence to the fact that this will work.


tatiana perez duque: Hello Madhuri, my name is Tatiana, i´m from Colombia. I admire you so much, God bless you and your family, thanks for share your art with all your fans, you are incredible. My question is: i heard the news about the steps for the dance academy you will do in Jhalak, how will it work for people outside India?, because i can´t see Jhalak here.

Madhuri-  It’s going to work everywhere. It’s for everyone. You can go online and learn to dance. I have seen your video, I remember. Its online so you have access to it from anywhere in the world.


Ayani geethika: Hi Maduri Madam, I'm a big fan of you. I not from India but still my country ppl love you.nwith which actor/actress you would like to work in your next project ?nFrom Brno, Czech Republic

Madhuri– Depends on what kind of script and role it is, who is making it, who’s the director. I can’t say at random, but there are a lot of talented girls now, it’ll be excited to work with them. In Gulab Gang, I’m working with Juhi Chawla. In Dedh Ishqiya, I’m working with Huma Qureshi, who is very talented and very pretty, and we had a great time working. 


Madhuri Kolli: madhuri ji, we all know that you are an excellent dancer. from whom did you learn the dance?i would be glad if u answer meni am the biggest fan of u ji.

Madhuri- My dance journey began when I was 3 years old. My first guruji was Vasantrao Ghadge, from whom I learnt and then I went on to learn from Hazarilal Jaipurwale for a brief time. And of course Pandit Birju Maharaj ji. So I have a lot of Gurus from whom I learnt and I’m thankful for them.


Ananya Murali: Ooh, I have another one. When you first had to carry Arin in your arms, what were the feelings you went through?

Madhuri –A lot of feelings, different emotions. Kids were a big part of my dream. I grew up in a family of four so I grew up wanting 12 kids, which I think was a little bit much. I love kids. So when I had my own child, I was so so excited, I was so happy. I cannot describe the feeling, I was extremely happy.


Kesha Patel: What was your childhood like?

Madhuri –It was quite idyllic. I grew up in JB Nagar and there were 12 kids in the building and all we did was play after school, run around everywhere and create halla gulla. I loved my school, the teachers there. I think it was very idyllic and happy. I used to be on stage most of the time. I used to participate in dramas and elocutions. So idyllic is the word.


Gretchen Brandt: Will we ever see you working with Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan again? We want to see a sequel to HAHK!!! 🙂

Madhuri – It depends on what kind of script it is, if there is a director who wants that kind of pairing.  But I do want to work with them, because we have done some very good movies together like Dil To Pagal Hai, Hum Aapke Hai Kaun and Hum Tumhare Hai Sanam. I enjoy working with them and I would love to work with them again. 


Anni: Hey Madhuri…Its me Anisha…..I am ur fan since I was at grade 3 and a fan from Bangladesh 🙂 nnwould love to ask whats[are] the best thing[s] u had seen after ur back from USA ??

Madhuri- I think in our industry itself, there’s a lot of discipline, its very corporate. Everything is planned- the script, your dialogues, your look, what you’re going to wear in a particular scene. Even the time frame is decided. I love the sense of discipline. We also have very talented writers who write good roles so it’s a good time for women to be in the industry. The roles are very sensitive. A woman is no longer a victim or an avenger, there is a lot more to her so it’s a lovely time.


Gretchen Brandt: Mahduri ji, will we get to see you dancing this season in Jhalak? Will you be dancing in your upcoming movies?

Madhuri-  I have danced with Ranbir in the first episode and with Pandit Birju Maharaj in the next episode so you will see me dance, because Jhalak is a platform that talks about dancing.


Zat x: Could you ask madhuri what is the best gift ever given to her by a fan?

Madhuri –  I’ll tell you a funny one because I was tickled when I saw that. Some of my fans took posters of my films and gave it to me as a birthday gift, where they had cut out the actors’ face and put my husband’s face. It was very cute and very funny.


Arslan Sheraz: hi madhuri i,m ur huge fan i used to learn ur every facial expressions n dancing i love u alot madhuri tell me what is the realeasing date of gulab gang plz

Madhuri –The release date has not been fixed yet but it’s definitely before the end of the year.


Gayatri- Did you have have a blast playing Dr. Jadibooti in Khel? Because you looked super cute as her.

Madhuri-  Yes we had great fun. Anupam Kherji was my co-star and we had a great time doing the movie.



Wai Men Tong- I’m one of your big fan, and I’m from Peru, Lima. How is it possible that you’re such a great dancer? Do you have some ‘special’ training for dance and how does it feel to be the queen of dance?

Madhuri -So many compliments in 1 question! Dancing is something that I learnt from 3 years of age and I have learnt Kathak and I am a classical Kathak dancer. When I came to Bollywood, I had to learn different styles of dancing. There’s folk, there’s Western and a little bit of classical. Bollywood dancing is a mix of all the styles in the world. We take all dance forms and then make them into our own Bollywood style and I had to learn that in different films with different choreographers. People like to see me dance because I love to dance and that reflects on my face. I think people catch that. Because I have learned classical dance so I know the nuances of dance and even in Bollywood dance there is a lot of Abhinay and you learn that and put that into practice.


CAswati Singh- List 3 positive and negative things about both Karan Johar and Remo D’Souza 

Madhuri-I can only talk positive about them. Not only are they very good at their craft but they are very nice human beings as well. And I sit with them everyday and I observe them and this is the conclusion that I have come to. They are fabulous. Remo is the quiter one but me an Karan sing songs in the breaks. We really have a lot of fun together.


CAswati Singh- If not Jhalak and Bollywood, what would you have been working on?

Madhuri -I was a science student in college and I was into microbiology. So I would be in some research centre, doing research on genetics, because that was a subject that I had a keen interest in. 



Sweety Shakya– Which is your favourite song?

Madhuri – I have done a song in which I have worn a Koli costume. Its ‘Humko Aaj Kal Hai’ in Sailaab. I am singing the mukhda and everyone else is singing the mukhdas. It was a very different kind of  a take on the song.


Preeti Gupta– You’re the favourite heroine of me and my bhabhi. You’re very very beautiful. What’s the secret of your beauty? How can we get in touch with you?

Madhuri-  You can connect through Twitter, Facebook, my website, my website app. Beauty is not really skin deep. It comes from within. I’m at a loss when people ask me that question. Whatever features you have are God’s gift, given to you by your parents. But stay happy, that’s the best cosmetic.


Natacha Duniya: I started to get interest into kathak since I have first seen you dancing,I have read Shakuntala(in French 🙂 ) after watching Gaja Gamini,after ordering Aaja Nachle on yashraj films website and watching the full version of Laila-majnu performance,I read the original story.There are lots of other examples of your positive influence on me.And I'm sure I am not the only one!Do you realize how much you have inspired your fans and how do you feel about it?

Madhuri – It’s great that my fans think that I inspire them because I aspire to do better with every song, every scene. So it’s always striving for perfection, striving to do the best I can  and if I can inspire my fans to do the same I feel blessed that it’s happening. It also places a lot of responsibility on me as people look upto me everytime I do something, so it has to be the best. 


mandeep kumari: hello Madhuri di my name is Mandeep from spain .what is your favorite country to travel ?

Madhuri – I lived in Denver for quite some time and I love the mountains there and I would love to go there again and have a vacation. 


Pradeep Kashyap: APNE Zamane ki actress or aaj ke waqt ki actress mekya antar dekhte ho aap ?nnand apke dancing teacher kon hai …

Madhuri – You really can’t compare because times are different and everything evolves. They were mysterious, beautiful- Madhubala, Nargisji Meena ji, Nutanji, Waheeda ji, so many other artists. They represent the era they were in, what they brought to the film industry. There are so many talented artists that it’s mind boggling. Even now we have so many talented new artists and its wonderful to see that the process that our previous women started is still going on and we have actresses who are giving tremendous performances.


Q: Which has been your most challenging role as an actress

Madhuri- Pukar, because it was very different from the other films. Also Sangeet, where I had played mother and daughter and the daughter’s blind, so that was very challenging. Many films had challenging roles. Every film is a challenge because you have to give your best for every shot, try to grow as an actor with every film.


Zat x: Hi… Could I ask madhuri ji what's her favourite name for a girl…? Mine is “Madhuri” .And what's the key to a healthy marriage… ?

Madhuri –Communication is very important in a marriage. There should be no egos between the two partners. There should be a sense of fun and adventure and you should basically be friends.


Manpreet- I watched the Ghagra song, it was great. I want to see you in comedy roles and in negative roles. 

Madhuri- Ill keep that in mind. Comedy is something I love doing because it is fun to make people laugh and it’s very difficult to make people laugh so it’s a big challenge. Negative role is a challenge because it’s different and I would love to do it. 



Deepak- I have been your biggest fan since age 3, you are my everything. Can you give any tips to perform well on stage?

Madhuri-Just pretend nobody’s there. Dance like nobody’s watching. You should have confidence, learn your steps or dialogues and be comfortable with them and just get into the skin of what you’re doing. Just give yourself in to the dance. Don’t think about what people are thinking, think about what your character is thinking, or what your steps are saying.


Aabid- It’s my 16th birthday and if you could wish me a happy birthday, it would be the greatest gift ever!

Madhuri- Happy Happy Birthay to you and I hope you have a wonderful day full of fun, love and your family and friends around you.


SARA: Madhuri any plans to come to Morocco ?every super bollywoood star came but you didn't ! You have a very big fan base here you can't imagine !

Madhuri- Thanks..I would love to come to Morocco. I hope in the near future.


Abhishek Mathur: Hi Madhuri, I am your Huge fan from Jaipur. My question is are you planning to make any movie under R.M moving Pitctures banner. I on behalf of all your fans request you to please make a movie based on dance like “AAMRAPALI' . As no other actress can do justice to the role, which was portrayed by 'Vayjantimala Ji' earlier. So any plan of making 'AAMRAPALI' under your RnM Banner ?

Madhuri – RnM Moving Pictures is doing quite a lot of things and one of the first things that we did is my website and then and my husband’s healthcare initiative. So right now we are on the digital platform, then we’ll slowly graduate towards that. But I will keep your suggestion in mind. 

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