Rathore makes a re-entry in Uttaran
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Gaurav Chopra, who plays the character of Raghuvendra Pratap Rathod in Uttaran, is all set to return to the show. His re-entry will be telecasted in the upcoming episodes.

Rathore will be shown entering a club where Yuvi is present with his friends and they both bang into each other which will lead to a fight. Yuvi and Rathod will come face to face but as they both don't know each other the fight will turn ugly. 

Rathore was last seen in Uttaran before the leap when he helps Veer find Yuvi. He had then gone away for a break and his wife Tapasya had also gone missing. When we spoke to Gaurav regarding the plot he said, “Rathore's character has always been a substantial one and this time again he will play a crucial role to the plot.” We wanted to know if his re-entry would affect Mukta's life, his on-screen daughter? He said, “Rathore doesn't know that Mukta is his daughter and the guy he's fighting with in the club, Yuvi, is the son he gave away. But circumstances will become as such that Rathore will contribute a lot in setting things right.

Now we just can't wait to see all these developments happening! Till then we suggest you watch the sneak peek here!

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