Rathore is finally out of Jail!, UTTARAN WEEKLY REVIEW 14th Oct TO 17th Oct
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Mukta and Vishnu are stuck in Atishgarh and have to spent the night at a lodge. Though Vishnu has booked different rooms, they both end up staying in the same room as Mukku is afraid to sleep alone. Meanwhile Nani calls up and comes to know that Vishnu and Mukta are staying in the same hotel that too in the same room. She tries to instigate misunderstandings between the two but fails.


Akash questions Meethi about their relationship, when Meethi gets into an argument with a girl that was brought in by him. Meethi catches the girl stealing money from Akash’s wallet and confronts her.  In return Akash tells Meethi that she has no right over him anymore.


Next morning while Meethi was descending the stairs she slips. She was about to fall, when Akash catches hold of her. The same moment Vishnu enters and sees both of them. Meethi makes sure to clarify things with Vishnu then and there. Meethi then asks Vishnu if the work for which he went to Atisgarh was successful or not to which Vishnu replies if it’s about the files then yes. And if she is wondering that things would settle down between him and Mukta, than it would be better for her to snap out of it. 


At the Haveli everyone is getting ready for the naming ceremony of Kanha’s son, just then Maiyaa enters and announces that her grandson would be called Ajitesh. She further adds that she would take him back to Atishgarh, leaving everyone in the family shocked. Akash comes in and tries to make Maiyaa understand that this wouldn’t lead anywhere and in return would harm all in the family. 


Meethi and Vishnu have a heartfelt discussion, where Meethi asks Vishnu that he should spend his life with someone he loves rather than being stuck in something that was against his will. In return Vishnu makes Meethi understand that this relation is more of a web and they are together just to make others happy.


Maiyaa accuses Jogi and other family members, that they are responsible for taking away her husband, her son and now her daughter in law. Damini steps in and tells Akash the real story behind the death of his father. Both Akash and Maiyaa are shocked by this revelation.


Maiyaa takes her case back and Rathore is out of the jail. To give this good news to Meethi, Damini decides to go to the Bundela House. She reaches the Bundela house but doesn’t notice the partition that has been done. She instead walks in to Akash’s room thinking of it to be Meethi and Vishnu’s room. She is shocked to see Akash sleeping with Meethi’s portrait in his hand. Damini accuses Akash of being double faced who wants to take revenge and spoil Meethi’s life.


What will Akash do to make Damini understand that he is not at fault? Will Rathore now come to the rescue?


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