Ranvir wants old Ishani back
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  • November 25, 2014
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Remember that intimate dance sequence when Ishani just couldn’t stop looking into Ranvir’s eyes? And  then when she lost her ring how Ranvir annoyed her more by hiding her ring and scaring her by saying what will her saas think about her?!  Looks like the old times are coming back when they use to fight and have these khatti meethi nok-jhok!

But what Ranvir truly misses is Ishani’s mesmerizing smile and her chirpiness and playfulness like she used to be. He misses her being like a kid sometimes. After all what she has gone through in the recent past Ranvir wants the old Ishani who would always laugh, smile and be playful. He wants her to forget everything and be in her elements. 

Soon you will see Ranvir telling Ishani to smile like old times and taking his suggestion Ishani will even rehearse how to smile. Isn’t that cute now? First thing that pops in our heads is of how Shahrukh Khan taught Preity Zinta to smile in Kal Ho Na Ho. One…Two…Three…Ting!

Ranvir can truly take a lesson or two from Kal Ho Na Ho and reignite those magical moments between him and Ishani. Seeing the two together without any conflict makes us smile at least!

If you could, what would you suggest Ranvir to do to win back Ishani? Tell us in the comments below! 

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