Rano is dead!, Bani: Ishq Da Kalma, Weekly review 23rd Sept to 27th Sept
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The week starts with Rajji discovering an anklet in her room. Kookie suggest that it must have been a surprise gift by Sohum, now that they are becoming great friends. But when Sohum comes home for lunch and spots the anklet in Rajji’s feet, he looses his cool and blasts off. Rajji is left amused by this reaction. Later Rajji discovers that the anklet was for Bani as a gift by Sohum.


Bani is getting decked up for the arrival of her husband, Parmeet. To keep her promise, Bani mends her bridal wear. As she gets ready to leave for the station, she spots Biji, takes her blessings and moves on. At the station Bani comes face to face with Rano, the train arrives but neither Balbeer nor Parmeet turn up. They both were left depressed.


Rajji on the other hand realizes that she is love with Sohum. She makes plans to please him, while Sohum is on his way to the station to meet Bani.

Back at the station Rano is caressing the album which has the pictures of Balbeer and her at the time of their wedding. Another train arrives and with this enters Balbeer. While Rano can’t believe her luck, Balbeer refuses to recognize her. Meanwhile Bani makes efforts to make Balbeer realize that Rano is his wife. She also shows him the album that Rano used to carry with her all the time. Meanwhile Rano commits suicide by poisoning herself. 

With Rano’s death it is revealed that she was related to the Bhullar family. Sohum and Bani decide not to let this out to anyone.


Will Bani be able to overcome this revelation or will Parmeet turn up to support Bani in these tough times?


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