Rani misses Raja and prays for his speedy recovery!
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  • October 14, 2020
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Last night on Shubharambh, we saw Rani coming home and thinking about Raja constantly. She dreams of Raja and of being with him. Asha see’s Rani crying reassures her that Raja will soon be all right as she tries to feed her food. Asha mentions how she is fasting for Raja’s well-being and will be going to a temple to pray for him. Tonight we see Rani imagining herself and Raja decorating the room together. Darshana and Hitank see Rani lost in her memories and understand her misery. Rani tells them how she is decorating the corner as a surprise for Raja when he returns. Later, Rani see’s Asha with someone in the hall and we reveal that it is Mihir. Asha narrates how Mihir saved Asha from an accident but got hurt while doing so. She also tells Rani that Mihir would be staying with them as he is alone in the city and there is nobody to tend for his injury. Rani gets suspicious of the situation, however Mihir acts nonchalant telling Rani that he would be looking for a hotel or other feasible accommodation soon. Rani brushes her doubts away and tells him how Asha has taken a liking towards him and that she is equally thankful for saving Asha’s life.

Meanwhile Rani teaches Gunwant and Kirtida a lesson in her own way asking them to stay away from Raja. Rani is carrying Mihir’s suitcase to the guest room when accidently the photo frame with Rani’s picture falls down. Rani is about to see the picture however Mihir is successful in hiding it.

What’s the catch here? Will Ran be able to figure out the truth? Tune in to Shubharambh from Monday to Friday to find out more!

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