Rangoon : Why It’s A Must Watch Movie!
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Rangoon is an epic story of love & spectacle set in the 1940s which stars some of the finest stars from Bollywood in the leading roles! The ambitious period drama tells an intense story of love, deceit & war which has some of the best moments you’ll ever witness in a Bollywood movie. A really interesting thing about the movie is that you get to see the part our country played in World War II, which is rarely talked about.



The acting is top notch from the three leads (Saif Ali Khan, Shahid Kapoor & Kangana Ranaut). They embody the characters with finesse. The trio come together to deliver a powerhouse performance, collectively and that is reason enough to see them in action. The setting of the movie also plays a huge role in keeping you fascinated and the war scenes are truly epic! The locations maintain the authenticity of the time period and the details are amazing!



The romance in the movie is the driving force of the story which keeps you hooked throughout as the three characters interact with each other. It is a delight to watch Saif, Shahid & Kangana on-screen together! Their chemistry is undeniably good!



Kangana Ranaut as Miss Julia is a performance you cannot miss! She breathes life into the character and goes wild with it. You will not be able to look away when she’s on-screen! Vishal Bhardwaj’s direction and the gorgeous soundtrack are two other big reasons to watch the movie.



Vishal has a keen eye for details and having worked with Shahid before in movies like Kaminey & Haider. Whenever they team up, expect to see something amazing. The music in the movie is sublime and will entrance you as each track is great in its own way.


These are just some of the many reasons why you should absolutely give this one a watch!



Do not miss the world television premiere of ‘Rangoon’, this Sunday (28th May) at 1 PM!

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