Ranbir and Kritika get a little closer.
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Akki manages to saves the bank, Kritika and Jiya thank him for it. In the meeting, Ranbir is anxious and calls Akki to enquire about Kritika. Ranbir is back in India and promises his family on getting their house back. Aniruddh informs Ranbir of the new ad and its cast. Jiya comes into the room and sees Ranbir, she immediately informs Kritika that Ranbir is back who becomes happier unintentionally. 

Everyone is at the party and Ranbir cannot take his eyes off Kritika. When he sees Yash talking to Kritika, he tells Yash that Kritika is his girlfriend. Malishka and Shilpa are also seen at the party which confuses Kritika, and she gets in a fight with Ranbir all over again. 

Both Kritika and Ranbir keep complaining about each other to Jiya and Akki when Kritika comes to know what Ranbir has told Yash. Everyone is dancing on the floor when Ranbir and Kritika get paired up with each other. They can feel their connection and see reflections of their past birth but before either of them can question this, Ranbir is ambushed by his fans. 

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