Ram rescues his Sita #SSK
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  • December 10, 2014
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A lot has been happening in Sasural Simar Ka as Simar and Roli fight for their life against Vikrant. But the two sisters are not alone. Prem and Sid have also reached the village to save their respective wives from the tortures of Vikrant. It makes us proud to see the way Simar and Roli always stand against injustice done on women and are currently setting a very good example.

According to the track, Sarpanch has killed himself under guilt of torturing women and put in Virkant in a weak spot. Taking advantage of this Prem has finally come to the rescue of Simar and together the duo is all set to fight the devil. 

On the other hand, Siddhant has moved forward to save Anjali and Sanjana unknown of the fact that the bomb will get activated as soon as he will step into the house!

But fret not, because Roli is prepared to save her husband and runs towards the house. But apparently she might not get to stop Sidhant on time! Will this situation put Sidhant’s life in danger?

Prem too has thrown an open challenge to Vikrant and both get into a duel. But our sources confirm that Vikrant might not get the support he was hoping for from the village men! Also Daksha Baa will be seen threatening to kill him if Prem and Simar are not set free immediately. Vikrant, who still insists on marrying Simar, will attempt to kill Munni. 

Will he be successful in his plan? Or is there a happy ending written in the destiny of Prem and Simar? Keep watching this space for latest updates!

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