Ram Kapoor to appear in Sanskaar today!
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  • May 30, 2013
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Yes, you heard that right. One of the biggest stars on Indian television, Ram Kapoor, is all set to do a cameo in Sanskaar. After making people roll in the aisles with his brilliant hosting of the Indian Telly Awards, Ram Kapoor will be seen on Colors again, this time in Sanskaar. So what exactly is this actor expected to do? Read on…

Ram Kapoor will be seen playing the role of Paddy in the show, who is a close friend of Bhoomi. Though he goes by the name of Paddy, his real name is Purushottam Patel Kapoor. If you’re wondering what kind of name that is, let us tell you that Paddy’s mother is a Gujarati and his father is a Punjabi, so to keep both his parents happy, he uses both his surnames. 

The character of Paddy is very close to Bhoomi, who he fondly calls Dholu. Even after living in the US for nearly 30 years, Paddy is fond of Gujarati food, and Gujarati people, both. 

Apart from his love for all things Gujarati, Paddy is also a big fan of Kishore Kumar, and will be seen enjoying his music at all times. But if you think this is all there is to Paddy, you’re mistaken. He also shares Kishan’s interests in handlooms and textiles, as he owns handloom factories himself.

The larger than life Paddy is all set to make a grand entry into the lives of Bhoomi and the Vaishnav family today, where we are sure that he’ll kick up a storm. So put up your reminders for this one, because this is one appearance that you can’t miss!

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