Ram Kapoor appears as a miracle for Kiran
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Every Sunday we see top celebrities step into the shoes of a common man and help them fulfill their dreams. Similarly this week we will see Ram Kapoor become taxi driver for a day to help salvage Kiran’s future.
Kiran’s husband Rajeev was a taxi driver who met with a severe accident. Married for 13 years, Rajeev and Kiran have adopted a 6-year old girl called Arzoo since they couldn’t conceive a child on their own. Today Kiran and Arzoo are living on Rajeev’s pension and it is Kiran’s dream to provide her daughter a better life than she had in the orphanage. And popular TV actor Ram Kapoor is going to help her exactly do that!

Everything was going really well for Kiran and Rajeev but unfortunately on 3rd September, 2011 Rajeev’s taxi met with a severe accident causing him to be hospitalized. After a lot of treatment doctors declared Rajeev to be in coma and for almost 2 and half years Kiran took care of her husband but to no avail. He eventually passed away on 28th December, 2013 leaving Kiran in a debt of Rs.5 lakhs that she had to borrow for Rajeev’s medical treatments. Currently with no basic income, Kiran is heartbroken but hasn’t given up hope in securing a better future for her daughter. 

Ram Kapoor traveled the roads of Mumbai as a taxi driver to earn whatever he could to help Kiran and Arzoo. He has even gone a step further and promised to donate the same amount earned to be given from his side. All in an effort to bring happiness in Kiran and Arzoo’s lives!

Do not forget to tune in to Mission Sapne on Colors this Sunday at 8pm and see Ram Kapoor become a miracle for Kiran!


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