RakshaBandhan celebrations at the Harak House!
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  • Nupur Jetly
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  • August 3, 2020
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Tonight on Shakti, we see Heer crying in the bathroom as she is still upset with her wedding being called off. She is constantly thinking about how Virat could do this to her. At Virat’s home as well, when he sees Heer’s favourite dish for lunch, he gets angry and walks away. The two of them back in their respective rooms remove their anger on things that remind them of each other. While Virat is seen throwing stuff around, Heer tears a pillow in utter aggression. Will the two ever get over each other?

Later, Rakhi celebrations begin at home. Rohan and Soham come bearing gifts for Heer and the three of them hug each other. They let go of all their worries and have fun! They sing , they dance and make the day a memorable one.



Later, Virat and Heer cross each other’s paths in college. Heer is about to fall and Virat holds her, however, when Heer’s reality hits him, he drops her down. In the classroom, their professor encourages them to work together on an assignment. This makes the two of them hesitant. Will they agree to do so?


Tune in to Shakti tonight at 8 pm to find out more!

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