Rajji – Sohum : Love Story Ab Tak!
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‘Nothing’s gonna change my love for you, you ought to know by now, how much I Love You!’….well well well, not only them but now even we know how much Rajji and Sohum are in love with each other. The story that started on the ‘machan’ met its beautiful destination last week, when Rajji finally confessed her love to Sohum. Let's take you through a journey of love, belief, promises and togetherness!!!

Sohum was tricked by Desho to marry Rajji. It was at their wedding night when Sohum found out that it wasn't Bani but her sister Rajji with whom he has taken his wedding vows.

While for Sohum it was a dead end, Rajji being a lawful Indian bahu, believed in the wedding vows and left no stone unturned to prove it.

In the process of proving herself an ideal bahu, she discovered her feelings for Sohum. Where Sohum was fulfilling his duty of being a husband, Rajji dreamt of romance in her relationship. It was then time for Rajji to make efforts to impress Sohum and make him fall in love. 

And as rightly said by SRK, pyaar dosti hai…Rajji took the first step and made Sohum her friend. She was the shoulder he could cry on, share his pain and cherish his happiness.

The equation of friendship between Sohum and Rajji was similar to what we have with our bestie. There are fights, misunderstandings, arguments and accusations but at the end there's love, care and belongingness too. Remember when Rajji was sick, how Sohum as an enduring friend cared for her and made sure she is back on her feet.

Then it was the night at the machan that changed things for both of them. Rajji thought this would bring her closer to Sohum but Sohum’s one mistake changed Rajji’s feelings for him. Sohum chanted Bani’s name, this shook Rajji and all her dreams were broken.

Being unaware of what happened that night, Sohum found out that Rajji is pregnant and accused her of cheating behind her back. The difference brought them to the pathway of divorce, but the news of this new member brought back both Rajji and Sohum together. And Rajji revealed the truth to Sohum.

This revealaton made Sohum realize his mistake and the love that his heart bears for Rajji. It was time for Sohum to repent for his mistakes and make Rajji fall for him all over again.

What one wants from a life partner is support and togetherness, and this is what Sohum offered to Rajji in all walks of life. Be it Bani’s death or Rajji’s ill health one man who stood by her side was Sohum.

In a party Sohum confessed his love for Rajji and made sure she acknowledges the same. The story that started from machan reached its destination here itself….Rajji finally confessed her love!!

They made vows of being together, loyal and in love till their last breadth. But…does destiny have something else in store for them?

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