Rajji asks Bani to leave Sohum, Bani – Ishq Da Kalma, Weekly Update 7th October -10th October
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Week starts with Rajji sharing her grief with Sohum, explaining to him how she has managed to win everybody’s heart and prove that she is the perfect daughter-in-law for the family. She reminds Sohum that if he doesn’t turn up for Karwachauth she would fail in the last test that Buaji has given her. If not as a husband, Sohum could at least accompany her as a friend. After much thought Sohum agrees to this.

Meanwhile Bani is all set to go to Delhi. Sohum has put his foot down that no matter what he would be accompanying her to Delhi. Bani tries her best to convince Sohum that his presence here is more important as this is Rajji’s first karwachauth.

Sohum in return asks Rajji not to fast for him as he wouldn’t be there to break it. Rajji and Sohum get into an argument and the former finding no other way, goes and pleads to Bani not to take her husband away.

When Bani and Sohum were both ready to trail off to Delhi, she is reminded of Rajji’s plea. Thinking about what Rajji might be going through she decides to make Sohum stay back. When the bus was about to leave she asks Sohum to get down and fetch water for her. The bus departs and  Sohum couldn’t join Bani. He is left behind helpless and Bani is seen crying and repenting for what she has done.

Back at Sohum’s residence everybody is ready for the puja. Buaji doesn’t miss a chance to taunt Rajji, as Sohum hasn’t turned up yet. She even reminds Rajji that it would be her last day here, if she is unable to prove her worth as a wife. Everybody gets done with puja and is all ready to have their meal. Rajji was upset and inconsolable and just when she thought it’s all over, Sohum makes an entry. Buaji makes Sohum break Rajji’s fast.

Buaji is happy and relieved that Rajji has passed in all her tests and is now a loving daughter-in-law and a loyal wife. 

On one hand where Rajji’s life is back on track on the other Bani is yet to find her destination.

Stay tuned to know what destiny has in store for Bani and Rajji.

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