Rajev-Urvashi:Bhai-behen no more?
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  • January 6, 2013
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As we approach the Grand Finale week, the final six housemates are all geared up to battle it out for the title, with the bitching, quarrels, issues etc. going to another level. Urvashi, Niketan and Imam are seen talking about Rajev and his irritating behavior. Imam starts the conversation about Rajev throwing his weight around in every issue, even if he is not involved. Urvashi agrees with Imam on the same. A surprised Imam asks Urvashi if Rajev is her so called brother as Rajev has been claiming her to be his sister since day one. Urvashi laughs at Imam's query and asks Imam if he has ever heard her call Rajev her brother.

Imam and Niketan couldn't stop laughing on hearing Urvashi's comments. Niketan added that Rajev himself admitted that he and Delnaaz were in talks before the show started. Urvashi added that she was approached by Rajev before the show to confirm her presence in the show. Imam added that the ex-wife and husband are using Sana as their puppet to play along.

Meanwhile, Rajev, Sana and Delnaaz are seen near the aquarium in the garden area. The trio is bitching about Imam and his filthy and demeaning comments. Delnaaz and Sana claim that Imam's dirty comments do not bother them at all. Rajev adds that Imam should learn about humanity before preaching about good behavior to others.

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