Rajev, the Drama King!
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  • November 12, 2012
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Rajev has been projecting himself as a no-nonsense person in the house, despite his silly behaviour with the housemates that only seems to further make him a butt of all jokes in the house. But this time, he ended up creating an epic of a drama!

This week's luxury budget task, housemates were asked to make clay diyas and the team that makes maximum number of diyas wins the task. As the task was announced, Niketan, Delnaaz and Rajev amongst others were a part of one team. In order to have some fun, Delnaaz and Niketan pull Rajev's leg saying that they would give the other team 10 diyas just to take Rajev in their team. Guess, Rajev did not find this joke funny as he felt irritated and endsup deciding that he will not participate in the task till Niketan and Delnaaz apologize to him 5 times. It couldn't get funnier as Delnaaz like an ideal team-mate did apologize to Rajev, while Niketan tried to reason with him. Finally, sick and tired of his childish behaviour, the other team-mates also got involved and were left irritated with Rajev.

In the end, Rajev does join in the task and help his team members but we also see him carry the title of drama king with aplomb! 


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