Rajev or Delnaaz? Who’s last night would it be?
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The housemates have an unusual wake up with a live Brass Band playing inside the house. Post the wake up, the housemates are all asked to gather in the garden area and are shown the number of votes they have received and the position they stand currently in the house. As per the votes, Urvashi was the highest voted person, whereas Sana was the lowest. 

Soon Bigg Boss announces Imam to be the baadshah of the day. Imam gets into the form and asks everyone to gather in the garden area. Seeing the dull reaction of the housemates, Imam goes in and asks Delnaz to gather everyone and then he asks her to explain to everyone how he wants them to greet him. Making fun of the entire deal, all the housemates walk away. 

In the afternoon, Bigg Boss offers the housemates to watch one of Imam’s moments in the house when they choose to watch his Padosi ghar footage where Imam misbehaved with Aashka. The housemates are shocked to see Imam and Rajev imitates the way Imam cried the whole day post that. 

In the evening, Bigg Boss sends in the ‘Jab tak hai naach’ task. The housemates are asked to perform on a special number for Imam. Each time their song is played, the housemates need to gather in front of Imam and dance. Bigg Boss plays Rajev’s song and when Rajev is unable to dance well, Imam calls his performance boring which triggers Rajev’s anger and he starts imitating Imam. Sana however warns him that he isn’t looking any better than Imam. 

During the task, Imam takes on Niketan and tells him that he has never seen a single commercial of Niketan and has never even met him around. Niketan tells him that he has been in the industry for over 12 years and has done numerous projects. Imam then compares him to Sana and says that in comparison to her career, Niketan has reached nowhere. 

In the evening, Niketan performs for Imam and according to Imam it was the worst performance of the evening and announces the same in front of camera. As the day ends, Niketan and Imam have an argument as Niketan complains of Imam dirtying the washroom inside the captain room’s. Post Imam and Niketan’s argument, Urvashi along with Rajev and Niketan is seen discussing how Imam behaves like an Obsessive compulsive disordered patient since he has been living all alone. 

In the middle of the night, Bigg Boss announces a surprise mid week eviction. The least voted contestants – Rajev and Delnaz are asked to give their opinions about staying in the house or leaving the show for each other when Rajev confirms that he is ready to leave the show provided Delnaz wins it post his drop out. Bigg Boss then takes a final decision and evicts one of the two.

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