Rajev is looking for options after his eviction!
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  • January 11, 2013
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Rajev Paul, whose stay in the Bigg Boss house has been surrounded by controversies, is finally out of the race for the Bigg Boss title. Rajev has always been clear about being in the game to win, and now that dream has been shattered. But now that he's out, he's looking for options. Not romantic ones, but professional options!

Rajev was in the eye of the storm when he raised the question of 40+ women not having many options in men, while men like him have no dearth of options. He was also advised time and again by his 'good friend' Sana to settle on a good option after getting out of the house. And looks like he's following her advice to the T.

Rajev is not just interested in options in girls, but also in terms of work. Says the freshly evicted contestant,” Hopefully my stay till nearly the end has given me enough popularity and Ill have many options in the real world. It is seen that the runners up in Bigg Boss do better work later than the actual winners so I'm hopeful.”

But Rajev also seemed worried about how he was projected during the show. He kept asking, “How was I projected? It was not too negative right? Ill get roles after this right?” Well Rajev, you should have thought about this when you were in the Bigg Boss house.

So Rajev is finally out in the real world after exploring his options in the form of Delnaaz and Sana. And the actor is now looking forward to doing the same in the real world. But first, he wants to party with all the Bigg Boss housemates when the show ends. We wish him all the best.


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