Rajat Sharma starts ‘Aap ki adaalat’ with top finalists!
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  • January 31, 2015
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This was the most intense session so far during the grand finale. Pritam, Karishma and Gautam were called on stage just few moments before the winner was to be announced. A bank of questions was ready for all the three housemates, who had made it to top final. Gautam was called out first for the ‘Mukkaddmaa’ and the questions asked for him were- Gautam aap apne aap ko underdog ki tarah pesh karte hain? To which he replied that he was no fake and was real throughout. There were a couple of videos shown which contradicted his own statements. He also confessed about his love for Salman Khan. Gautam was also called to be selfish.Ouch!


Next was Karishma in the queue, she was told be ‘Berehem and full of double standards’. In fact, her already having a boyfriend outside topic was also raised during the session which she very diplomatically responded to. She was shown her video clips too, which proved her contradicting her statements in many cases.


How could Pritam escape? He was called the paltu and shown his real chehra was shown to public through some videos. He promised Rajat that he would work upon himself and bring in the required change. 


After that, the moment arrived when the three were given a last and final chance to claim the amount of Rs.25 Lacs by pressing a buzzer in a room and walk out of the race with the money. The super three looked in a fix!

They all got 3 minutes to decide. But one of them was very sure of the decision. Who was the person?

Eventually who were the final two?And who finally won?


Hold onto your seats until then!!




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