Rajat Rawail bids adieu to Bigg Boss Saath 7
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  • September 29, 2013
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After struggling with his health throughout his stay in the Bigg Boss house, Rajat ‘Tsunami’ Rawail makes his way out of the Bigg Boss house today. His exit comes as a relief to not only him, but also his fellow contestants who have been worried about his wellbeing, especially over the past week. Rajat entered the Bigg Boss house with the mission to make everyone laugh and get a physique much like Akshay Kumar to impress his young daughter. But due to his bad health he was unable give his best on the show. 

Rajat entered the house with much enthusiasm and got along with everyone in the house. His funny one-liners and ‘funny message’ t-shirts remained his trademark whilst inside the house. During the first few days Rajat took active participation in the household chores and performed all the tasks diligently. He found his support in Shilpa and was seen opening up to her whenever he felt low or depressed. Everybody in the house including Tanisha, Arman and Sangram have tried multiple ways to cheer him up every time Rajat would feel low.

Speaking on his exit, Rajat said, “I had come to Bigg Boss with lots of things in my mind. But unfortunately I couldn’t give my best shot due to poor health. My biggest strength in life is my daughter and I am glad that I could make her happy and proud of me with my participation in this show.”

We wish Rajat a speedy recovery and best wishes for the future!!!

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